8 Ball Multiplayer

8 ball multiplayer in the 3D Billiard

For many fans of billiards and pool, online pool games will be an interest to them. Here, you will find a 3D pool table that look exactly as the one you will see in any pool centre. With the possibilities of moving around the table by swaying the mouse, 3D Poll provides a true virtual representation of a practical pool table. The simulation in the game makes it fun to play, at the same time easy in controlling. The 3D Billiard brings a complete pool table with the real-life sounds and graphics to your PC screen. You can also play against your friends in the 8 ball multiplayer mode.

In playing, the player will use the mouse in controlling the cue and moving around the table to reach balls far away. Shooting is easy, with a function of pressing the right button of your mouse firing the energy needed in cuing. To pull the cue stick back, all you have to do is draw your mouse towards you. You have the option of toggling between 3D and 2D displayed mode, which are important if you are experiencing slow internet connectivity and want to reduce the amount of bandwidth being sent over the internet.

In the command section, you have about seven commands that you can use at various times during the game. The View command is only available in 3D view and will give you a view from above and around the cue ball, with it you can then zoom the table closer to you by using The Zoom command. The Spin command does what the name suggests, by spinning the billiard ball. There are two aiming commands, The Fine Aim, and The Aim command, which aid in aiming with the cue ball. When the cue ball is held, you can use The Move Command to move it, the shoot using The Shoot command.

The aim of 8 ball multiplayer mode is for you to defeat your opponent by pocketing the black 8 billiard ball. Here, the players are supposed to pocket a set of balls only, with pocketing of any other ball being a foul. When this happens, your opponent is given two chances of shooting. Of the fifteen balls, the solid- color balls that numbered 1-7 are supposed to be pocket by one player whereas the stripes 8-15 by the opponent. An 8 ball multiplayer winner is the one who legally pockets all his balls, and then pocket the black afterwards.

To begin, the ball are first arranged in a triangular manner with the black being located at the center. The opening break in 8-ball multiplayer will be legal if neither the black nor the white are pocketed at the first shot. In addition, one of the other solid or stripped balls must hit the rail or pocket. If at the first break no ball is pocketed, then the opponent takes over wit h options of pocketing any ball he wants. The first to pocket any kind of ball type continues doing so until the ends. Fouls happen if a player pockets the white, black, or any of the opponents’ balls, or delays for more than 60 seconds. The game ends when a player pockets the black, if during the game the one who does that is the loser.